Feed me, play with me, snuggle meeee!!!

OMG y’all, I’ve got foster kittens! They are so cute and a lot of work, my needy little buddies, “feed me, play with me, snuggle meeee!!!”

No, I’m not complaining. 🙂 They make me laugh and laugh, they tug on my heartstrings, they are super sweet, and hilarious, and smart, and really quite well behaved for 3 month old kittens. They are available for adoption and have very distinct personalities. I am calling them Little Sister (aka Farah Fussy), Blue Steel (name courtesy of my pal & lifelong kitten wrangler Alishia Bigelow), and Shy Guy (who plays Mario Kart?).

I will be doing individual blogs for them over the next week or so depending on my Aural Elixir performance, production, and composition schedule. Maybe you are looking for a new best friend and family member? Maybe one of these kittens is your perfect (purrfect) new companion? If not, please help spread the word & share, share, share! They are wonderful kittens and I will miss them more than I care to admit but once they find their forever (furever) homes I will be able to foster more kittens or cats from Duncan’s Place, A Cat Sanctuary and together we will save lives!

Sadly the leading cause of death for cats in America is their local animal shelter, 7 of 10 cats don’t make it out alive (via Alley Cat Allies). Caring people in the community are the only ones with the power to change these awful statistics. Through networking, fostering, donating, volunteering, and adopting we can support our local animal shelters and rescues, show them we care about kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, rabbits, birds, hamsters, and other pets. We are slowly and surely moving toward a No Kill paradigm for our nation’s animal shelters, thanks to the many, many combined efforts of animal lovers just like you. I’m amazed and grateful at the myriad of ways people can cooperate and improve the lives of  animals everywhere. Let’s save them all!